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This blog is about the behind-the-scenes aspect of the hobby. The process that makes it happen, tips, tutorials, memorable quotes, and the little moments that make it all worthwhile. Brought to you by mods (Xaynie & ElfGrove) and our cosplaying cohorts.

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Photo & Credit goes to : Rei Robin

Great meme/tutorial on how to pose. Seriously, this has helped me so much! Just think of what area hurts and hold it.


Today I take a break from crafting and take look at another part of Cosplay: posing.
I’ll start with my favorite pose…It’s known as the “3-point landing” in animation… but in my eyes it is “The Unnecessary Cool Landing” pose, aka Black Widow’s Leg Splay… An Excuse for Fanservice …Etc

Here are the 5 pointers:
(1). Shift body weight to one side and bend the knee. Open the knee to the side to widen the pose. 
Now splay your other leg to the side. Straighten this leg.
(1*) Depending on the flavour of your character, you might want to bend your second leg also. If you do, place your second knee on the floor, and also open it to the side, so the pose doesn’t become narrow.

(2) Lift chest to straight upper back for a strong looking pose. This will also help you left your chin and eyes without having to roll your eyes uncomfortably.

(3) The landing arm. Generally looks good when the opposite arm is in front. (Eg. The side with the knee up is the front side, so the side with the straight leg/knee down gets the landing arm in front).
(3*) The floor hand. Depending on the flavour of your character, you could generally touch the floor, press your palm down, or even close your fist and knuckle down on the floor.

(4) Always do something with your other arm. An extension backwards generally looks dynamic).

(5) Now if you want to add a little motion, you could lift one of your heels off the floor. Just one. Back or front, decide on the direction you want to be moving. (Lifting both usually ends up retarded… At least for me D:)

Happy shooting!

If you are looking for EPIC shots, this is a pose I highly recommend.


Dani Moonstar’s Sword in progress, designend by the amazing Zach Fischer Comics & Illustration

As promised, here a complete step my step mini tutorial of the sword I’ve finished only yesterday! The construction cost me around 20 hours plus 8 hours for painting.

The base was a combination of two pvc pipes (different thicknesses, which can be easily slided together), balsa wood and EVA foam. Balsa wood and EVA foam are very lightweight and easy to carve with a dremel, so they are some of my favorite materials for a prop base. Since they are pretty breakable however, it was necessary to cover them with Worbla to make them more durable and solid. Also the whole sword can be separated in two pieces so it’s easier to transport it. To connect both pieces I’ve just made hole throw both pvc pieces and fixed them then with a screw. 
I also wanted to light up my gemstones, so I’ve left some space for a 9V battery in the bottom part and then connected 12 3V LEDs with a simple circuit (three LEDs in serial, connected then in 4 group parallel). You’ll find a tutorial for the LED gemstones here:
Then the whole circuit is connected with some tiny plugs between top and bottom. So hide the battery, screw and cables I also added some detachable pieces which are fixed with velcro to the sword. Not the best solution and I guess I’ll replace the velcro with magnets later. 
At the end the sword was primed with around 6 layers of wood glue and then painted with acrylics by hand. 

And yeah, that’s pretty much all! Hope this help you with your own projects!

Wanna read more tutorials? Check out my page:

Or read my cosplay making books:





so you see that picture up there? its the best LUSH product ever, and I got that as a gift from a lovely friend for Hanukkah and I usually use it on my clean sheets to make my bed feel silky and smell like jasmine, its great okay

ANYWAY today I had the brilliant idea to dust some of it between my thighs where they touch and YESSSSS GAAAAAAWWWWWWWD my thighs have been silky literally all day, and have not even began to chub rub

thats right: no chub rub

[reaction gif]

so whats its deal? well its some lovely coco butter-jasmine scented dusting powder that absorbs into your skin and leaves you all nice and silky and basically even though today was like 88 and humid my thighs did not stick to one another, it was heaven

» here is the link to where you can buy it «

so everyone who hates that GOD AWFUL rash you get from when your thighs chafe, GO BUY IT, REALLY. ITS A MIRACLE. AND I SMELL SO NICE.

and for those of you who don’t think this is completely amazing, forget you, my thighs are silky and smell like jasmine

[reaction gif]

I’m so pleased this is going around because its getting fucking hot out and this is important

I get asked about chub rub remedies a lot, so hopefully this is helpful for some of you :)

This is a problem for many of us, but it also just generally makes your legs feel nice and minimizes sweating too. Baby powder is a slightly cheaper alternative that does mostly the same thing.

(via oliviasatelier)


12 simple rules to have fun doing cosplay without hurting anybody (especially yourself) by secondlina

Over the con season, I spoke to SO many cosplayers. It made me want to draw this. So that the new generation of cosplayers have a little guide. This is not just how to make a costume. This is also about how to keep yourself feeling good at a con, how to interact with other con goers and how to interact with webcomic artist and merch folks. 

Please feel free to add to this list of recommendations. 

Thanks Isa! This is super!

My own input, mostly regarding rules 4 & 7, sometimes carrying stuff (even a totebag) or leaving a hand “normal” isn’t a reasonable option in some costumes. For these costumes, have a place where you can go back, dress down, and store your gear after a few hours on the con floor. Do not try to handle people or merchandise while wearing body paint or appendages that can potentially do damage. If you can’t carry stuff or need help getting around, make sure you’ve arranged in advance for a friend (or a sequence of friends) to act as your handler while wearing the costume.

#8 addendum. Don’t block hallways or walkways (even if you don’t think it’s a particularly important area). If someone can’t follow you out of a traffic zone for a photo, don’t stop for them. It’s too easy to end up with a crowd of photogs once one starts.

A lot of people, both cosplayers and not, will get approached by people taking video at conventions, and they usually will ask your permission before videoing you. This is great! Bigger productions will ask you to sign release forms. This is pretty standard legal protection stuff.

However, it’s a good idea before agreeing to be recorded to ask what they will be asking you to do. It’s better if you can ask them to video you first and then give agreement or not based on what is actually recorded. If someone is shifty about what they want to video you doing, you don’t have to agree to be recorded. If they video you and do something you’re uncomfortable with, state clearly that they do not have permission to use your image (into the camera if possible so that it is on record).

Because model releases are somewhat legally binding, wait until after a photo or video is taken to sign the release. This means you can decide to sign the release or not based on what they actually do.

Sometimes larger or formal shoots will require release forms in advance. Make individual judgement calls on whether or not to sign these by looking into the party you are signing the release to.

If someone is using their status as press or photographer to harass or otherwise be jerks at the convention, get their name, badge name, description, or snap a cell phone photo and report them to convention staff. No one wants these people at con, and staff may very well revoke their badges to prevent them harassing attendees.

This website (and this one [link]) may be helpful in getting the proper fit for a more comfortable men’s dance belt. There’s a guide, purchase links, and sizing information.



OK dinguses, here’s something that’s gonna make your life and the lives of everyone who sees you at the con so much better.

This is called a Men’s Dance Belt.


It’s for male ballet dancers to wear under their tights. Its purpose?


when I’m at a con, nothing kills a potential good superhero costume more than seeing the cosplayer’s friendly neighborhood spider-cock through the costume.

I made a comment on this when someone shared this on FB, but I had to add here too.

As a dude, this is extremely vital if you plan on wearing spandex. Now I think it’s slightly misleading when it says it gets rid of the bulge. It doesn’t. You will still technically have a bulge. What you won’t have is people being able to tell exact details of what you look like underneath the spandex. No one wants to know that much detail about you on first meeting. This thing basically just smooths you out but you are still going to be obviously defined as male.

I will state though, that these things are the bane of my existence. They are not comfortable. I think the longest I’ve lasted is around six hours, at which point the thong part just hurts way too much and the waistband really cuts into your sides. I’ve been left with marks from these things for a day afterwards.

I will still wear it though in costume. I swear to God, you have no excuse. Wear the damn thing. Suck up the pain. It makes your costume look that much better.

As a female-bodied person I don’t know any tips for improving the fit of a dance belt to be more comfortable, but hopefully one of our followers does?

Regardless, a huge thank you to all the spandex clad male-bodied persons who do wear one.

Edit: Here’s a link with some places to buy dance belts [link] and some starter sizing information [link].

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi there! So I recently got my first wig (from Arda) in the mail, and even though I've brushed it out, it still looks so clunky and big and fake on my head. My head is pretty small so maybe it's just me- but is there any way to make it thinner/not as bulky near the top? (It's a Ferrari in black) thank you!
projectcosplay projectcosplay Said:

I feel your pain there. Arda makes very nice wigs, but the cap size tends to run a bit larger, which means when you’ve got a small head, they don’t sit right. I also have this issue, which is why I rarely order from Arda despite liking both their selection and quality.

Re-sizing a wig smaller is a bit of work, but less work than making one bigger.

Luckily, the internet has our backs here, and there are a couple of tutorials on how to make the wigs smaller. Arda even endorses two of the three I’m posting.

For wigs that are too big near the crown: 

For wigs that are too large just all around: